About Us

St. Thomas Orthodox Church was founded in 1916 as a parish to serve the needs of Arab immigrants in Sioux City. From its earliest days, church leaders recognized that in order to be faithful to Christ, the parish needed to find a way to share more of the light of Holy Orthodoxy to the surrounding community. As a result, St. Thomas was one of the earliest parishes in the Antiochian Archdiocese to utilize English in Sunday Worship.

Although still enriched by the Arab Christian heritage of our founders,  the face of St. Thomas has changed.  One will hear very little Arabic in our Parish Hall.  The welcoming and loving spirit of our forefathers, however,  is alive and well.  It is now home to people of Russian, Serbian, Romanian, and–more than anything else–just American heritage.

St. Thomas continues to grow as converts continue to discover the glorious riches of Orthodox faith, life, and worship. You too are welcome to visit us and discover what all the excitement is about.